Anonymous asked:
So, I haven't changed my name legally but those who know have been calling me by my male name (with some slips) I'm 17 and senior in high school and my school gives out the graduating class name cards so they they can pass it to their friends and stuff. I didn't get mine because it's a dumb idea yet they sent it to my class. When I got home I completely lost it and cried/ had a bad panic attack. Is that normal to react to a name like that?

I would say that it’s perfectly understandable to react like that.  I’m sorry that you had to deal with that.

Anonymous asked:
Hello :) For the anon asking about buying binders on Amazon or a binder website- I bought my binder in underworks and they accepted my visa gift card so it didn't show up on any bills :) Also I've seen a few underworks binders for sale on Amazon if you want to order from there without concern of quality.

That’s what I thought.  Thanks for letting us know!

Anonymous asked:
hello! i'm thinking about buying a binder online. and i was wondering if i should just buy one off of amazon or if it's better to use a binder website? i heard that using amazon is better if you're not out because you can use a gift card and your purchase won't show up on any bills but i'm worried that it might be a poorly made binder and that it won't work as well. thank you, love your blog btw! ^w^

I would search and see if Amazon has any Underworks binders, because those are good quality, and you can use your gift cards and it won’t show up on a bill.  I haven’t bought a binder in a few years, so I can’t remember what Underworks shows up on your bill statement as.  Also, if any one knows about buying binders on Amazon, let me know and I’ll publish those.


Hi, I was wondering if you could share this fundraiser.

My best friend is an ftm in a bad home situation and he tried to kill himself earlier today because of it. 

He also doesn’t have any insurance so he’s going to get stuck with a huge bill because of this.

I’m trying to raise money to help with the bill and also try to get him out of where he is.

Any help is appreciated, even if it’s just sharing.

Anonymous asked:
hi i consider myself male and have tried coming out as one to my mom. She told me that it was just a phase and I had to get over it. If i felt like that in the future I could do whatever I want. The problem is I don't know how much longer I could wait, it just feels horrible all the time like this. I'm wondering if you have any advice on how to better convince her.

I would get as many resources as you can find.  Check out GLAAD and PFLAG.  Do not back down on it.  You are male.  Live your life on your own terms.  And show her that it is definitely right for you.  But don’t let her bully you into going back to living as “female” because she thinks it is a phase, because it isn’t, and if you do, you will feel miserable, and it only furthers the idea that it was a phase in her mind.  Reach out to people and find support.  See if there is a youth group for trans people that you can go to.  Good luck!

Anonymous asked:
all right really long story time. for a while i had problems with my gender (it started in about sixth grade) and recently (im now in eighth) i've come to grips with the fact that I am and always have been a boy, I came out to a few friends and plan on coming out to all of them and I came out to my mother. The problem is that she shot it down, told me to 'try being a girl', and that it was a phase I ignored it but recently Ive wanted to bring it up again. Any advice?

My mother told me at first that I needed to stop going to therapy to be a boy, and go to therapy and learn that I’m a girl.  Then she realised that wasn’t an option, and came around.  It’s hard for parents.  They gave birth to you.  They raised you.  From the moment they found out your sex, they assumed that was also your gender.  They named you.  And they saw this life for you, and this wasn’t what they expected.  And you shouldn’t feel bad about any of that, but it’s something they have to deal with.  Your mother needs time.  But do not give up on yourself.  Keep being yourself, and show her that it is right for you, and she will hopefully come around.

Anonymous asked:
I will never be able to go through with any transition because my family will always be around and they do not support this stuff in any way. I will forever be closeted around my family . Even though I have officially come out to my friends I still feel like I can never fit in anywhere. I have developed a crush on one of my straight female friends and will never be able to tell her because I fear losing her as a friend. I have become extremely deppressed and friends can only help so much. Help?

Honestly, you might just come to the point where you can’t do that anymore.  I said I was going to continue living my life “as a woman” for as long as I could and then I got to the point where it was no longer an option.  I spent 13 months out and not on hormones.  I think those 13 months taught me a lot.  I also spent 3 months out to my friends and not to my family, because I wanted to wait until I could tell them in person, and those were a difficult 3 months, because I felt like I was living a lie, and they knew something was up.  I’m sorry you are becoming depressed.  I would talk to a therapist about it, if you can.  Find a support group.  Get connected to someone that can help you.