Anonymous asked:
I want my gf to carry my baby before I transition(ftm). Which includes my egg being fertilized and her basically becoming my sergeant mother for so egg. Anyone know the best ways of doing so that is cost sufficient?

I’m sterile so I have no idea.  Anyone?

Anonymous asked:
My chest isn't too big so I can bind easily but my legs give me away because I'm curvy. I've tried everything I can think of to hide them or make them even slightly skinnier somehow. Any advice?

If anything, I would bulk up my legs.  When I play rugby, my legs are bulkier, and I feel like they look more male.  But a lot of people are not going to be paying attention to your legs.  And you could always wear baggy jeans to help hide your curves.

leszko10 asked:
I recently bought a 4" soft pack... I also bought a harness, but I've had trouble packing. The bulge (to me) is too obvious, because it's shaft is so short it stands at "attention" (kind of). How can I fix this issue, are there limper packers?

My first packer was a Mr. Limpy and it was 5” since no one ever told me that 5” is the average size of a penis that is erect.  So, I had a really obvious boner for a good three months.  I got a 3.5” one and put it in the harness, and that was a lot better.  But there are some options for packers, and I have to make sure that when I pack, I push my packer to the side.  Often though, it just looks more obvious to me, than it actually is. 

Anonymous asked:
Hey! i just want to say i love your page! but i have a question, i'm 14 and i know im a ftm. I've told my mom, bestfriend, sister, and cousin. They all accept me but how do i tell my mom i want to go to counseling? and im scared to go, what do they do there and if i do go, what do i need to do to get prescribed T?

Hey!  Thank you.  I’m so glad they all accept you, that is seriously wonderful.  Counseling is amazing, at least I think.  I’ve seen the same therapist for almost a year now, and I’ve done 3 years of gender therapy.  You go and you talk about being trans, and you talk about the people in your life.  You talk about school.  You talk about anything you want to talk about.  Counselors will not force you to talk about things you do not want to talk about.

Anonymous asked:
what do you have to do to get prescribed T?

It depends on how old you are and where you live.  If you are under the age of 18, you have to have parental consent.  You also have to see a gender therapist the entire time.  Some places require a letter from a therapist saying that you are in an okay state of mind to do hormones.  To get this letter, you have to obviously go to therapy.  Or you can go to clinics that do it, but some clinics require you to have therapy for 4 months or longer before you will be able to get T.  Places like planned parenthood (which is where I’m going right now) do not require letters or therapy if you are an adult.  Check with the laws where you live, but that’s a basic guide.

Anonymous asked:
what's an accurate but easy to understand way to explain being trans? I'm a demiboy so i can't just say "I feel like I'm male", and I disagree with the "you were born a girl and now you're a boy" thing because no, actually I was born a boy I just happen to have a vagina. thanks in advance.

That’s exactly how I feel about the I was born female and now I’m male thing.  I was always male.  I mean, I identify as boi, but I’ve always been a boi.  I just happen to have been assigned female genitalia.  I think the beautiful thing about being trans is that you get to define yourself and you stop caring what others think.  As for explaining it, I would just say that it’s like, everyone goes through one transition or another.  Mine just happens to be more noticeable.

Anonymous asked:
Hey, guys. any idea where I can find a place to get T that doesn't require blood? (I will travel ANYWHERE). I've had top surgery but can't get T because of liver probs. My dysphoria is agonizing and I'd sooner risk my physical health and yet be read as the man I am then spend God knows how many more years living a half-life. Many clinics don't require therapist letters anymore (which I have), are there any that trust trans people to decide what risks to take as far as their bloodwork? Thanks.

I also have liver problems, and you DO NOT WANT TO RISK IT.  TRUST ME.  They just monitor your labs more closely, and you might have to stay on a lower dose.  I know dysphoria is shitty, but it’s worse dying from not doing hormones properly.  I would talk to clinics and say that you are aware of the risks involved, but you need testosterone, and see what they can do for you.

Anonymous asked:
I wear a 36D bra and I'm honestly depressed because I have a feeling nothing is going to help 'hide' me. Sports bras, binders, compression shirts... They'll barely make a dent in tucking me away. I feel like without surgery I'll never be able to feel confident but it isn't an option right now.

I’m the same size as you.  And I wear two sports bras, or I bind.  It hides it pretty well.  I’ve been doing that for 2.5 years now.  I can’t have surgery yet, either.  But tell yourself every day that you are a man, and the way you were born does not define you.  You will get where you want.  You are still a man.

Anonymous asked:
Dating bi/queer people are great for FTMs.

That is very true.  

acciogryffindors asked:
Hi, I am Kt, 21yrs, I have been dating my boyfriend for 6.5 years now, but only have we told my/his parents in the past two years or so that he is trans. My mom still doesn't accept our relationship, and we will be moving out of college and starting a life (if I can find a job near him!) and I want to try and get her thinking about this is how it is and that's that. I am just terrible and was hoping to find online resources to send her? Feel free to message me anything you can to help! thanks!

I would go to GLAAD.  Their trans page is pretty great.  Also PFLAG is a great source.