Anonymous asked:
In the US, transgenders aren't allowed to serve. I'm at a point where I have to decide what I want more. Everyday, I'm frustrated with my body- But I can't stand the idea of not going into the military. I guess I'm asking for advice..

You need to weigh out your options.  That sucks, I’m sorry.

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I like girls jeans a lot more than boys jeans ( i dont know why) i just want to know if you or any of your followers know any brand of jeans that look good...

I used American Eagle.

Anonymous asked:
Hello. I didn't start transition yet, but I want to in a few months. Anyway, I have a boyfriend and once we were joking about something and he said that if one day I take testosterone he'd break up with me. This subject had nothing to do with transition, so idk what'll happen if one day I mention transition. What should I do?? Thanks

Talk to him.  You might need to walk away from your relationship though, because it doesn’t sound like he’s supportive.

Anonymous asked:
My mom has always pressured me to be the "perfect daughter" and I see myself as a boy more than a girl. I've had problems with the stress from my family not knowing and people at school just teasing me about dressing and acting male. I'm only out to a few friends that I'm trans and it's embarrassing because I'm in an area where there aren't many people who support me. It's really hard and I don't know what to do. I just don't want to hate who I am anymore. What should I do? :(

Tell yourself that you will get to an environment where it is safe for you to be who you are.  You will be able to live the life you deserve.  Please don’t hate yourself though.

Anonymous asked:
I am still deeply closeted, but I have hinted to my friend that I wish I was a boy physical and that I feel male. However, she has said that it will be harder for me to effect change in the world and to be a UN or MSF officer and to move to being UN High Commissioner for Human Rights one day, as I might have to go places where I could get killed or jailed as a FTM. I really want to transition and I want to get into a position like UN HCHR where I can effect positive change. What should I do?

I would talk to someone in that organisation and see what your options are.

Anonymous asked:
Hi there! I'm pre-T and I can't seem to find a name that fits me. Does any one have any suggestions on finding names?

Go to a baby name page.  Or maybe if you are out to your parents, ask them what they would have named you if you were assigned male at birth.

gleek103 asked:
Hey I live with very unsupportive parents and wanted to buy my first binder so I was wondering if there is any really good binders which ship disecretly

Check amazon for underworks binders.  And I think underworks is discreet too.  I know you can pay with a visa giftcard so it wouldn’t show up on billing statements.

Anonymous asked:
I'm not sure I can identify as trans because I get really bad dysphoria about my chest and my height and feminine face. But I only get dysphoric because I don't have a penis every once in a while, does this make me not trans?

I can’t tell you how to identify, but I would say you could be trans.  Just because you don’t have bottom dysphoria all of the time doesn’t mean you aren’t trans.  No one feels dysphoria the same way.

Anonymous asked:
Youve probably been ask this before (if so, i'm sorry) but whats the fastest way to get T if you're 18? I know you have to do therapy then get a T letter but is there any other way?

Some clinics don’t make you have letters.  Planned Parenthood is one of them.  A lot of people are switching to informed consent.

Anonymous asked:
I'm 16 in a family who wants me to serve, as do I, but I also want to start taking T. I can't join the military if I "alter natural hormones". I want to know if there's an age where it's too late to start T because the results seem unnatural?

I don’t think so.  I know people that transition later in life.  If you can serve and that’s what you want to do, I would serve, and then once you feel like leaving the service, you can always transition then.